Creative Capacity Building | Strategic Communications

I work with bold mission-driven companies, social enterprises, and trail-blazing non-profits to build strong leaders, organizations, and campaigns, so you can better drive social change and build the future we dream of. 



I train your team to craft and share stories of hope and transformation. From hands-on workshops that engage you in finding the 'Heart of Your Story,' to 1-1 story coaching, to guiding your team to strengthen your digital storytelling capacity, to directing and producing storytelling content.

“The process Kamara led our team through was very valuable. Together we crafted a thoughtful message and tone for our materials that truly reflected our organizational values, goals and mission. Importantly, the workshop also created a platform for everyone on the team to contribute and feel heard. The process generated critical stakeholder buy-in and valuable employee engagement.

As a development director at a nonprofit, the catalog of marketing assets produced are incredibly helpful in conveying the meaningful impact donors are having on their communities and in the lives of individuals. I use them all the time!”
— Jill Monum, Director of Development | Grameen America

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I design creative sessions to help your team generate and own a powerful collective vision and hold each other accountable to achieve it. Using guided meditation, design thinking methodology, hands-on visualization, and 1-1 conversation, your team will have the tools to build a common dream.    

“Kamara led our team to imagine a “Gifts and Dreams Festival” and involved us in executing and owning the plan. The process we created really worked! Kamara’s gifts in community organizing and the arts are a tremendous combination. She both opened our imaginations and pushed us to work together to achieve concrete results. The transformation and energy that is now pulsing through our congregation is palpable. And Kamara has helped us to see how we can continue to harvest the fruit of this process. Thank you, Kamara!”
— Rev. Doug Cunningham, Pastor | New Day Church



I facilitate personal development and team-building experiences to strengthen organizational relationships, nurture leadership, build trust, and align mission, so your staff, members, and stakeholders can grow together and reach your highest potential. 

“Kamara gave us the jump start we needed to engage our members. Using her considerable skills in doing everything from building relationships with members to designing programs to developing appealing communications tools, Kamara helped us build a foundation to grow our member engagement efforts.”
— Ivana Krajcinovic, Senior Director, Healthcare Delivery | UNITEHERE! HEALTH

Let's talk about how we can work together to reach your leadership, organization and campaign goals.

“Kamara Rose is unusually gifted at helping truly new things happen. In her work at Union Theological Seminary, I had several years to watch and marvel at her ability to organize, conceptualize, and improvise. Her diverse skillset allows her to lead and facilitate groups to escape worn-out patterns, discover new possibilities, and develop brand new ways to interact with each other.”
— Dr. David Carr, Professor | Union Theological Seminary

Story. Vision. Power.