Back to Basics

This summer, I was commissioned by UNITEHERE! to design a 10-month adult education curriculum that teaches hundreds of  food service workers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Connecticut, and New York City to make smart choices about their health.

This curriculum had 3 major parameters:

1. Cover complex topics such as:

  • appropriate use of over-the-counter medicines and pharmaceuticals,
  • what to do if you are hospitalized,
  • managing anxiety and depression,
  • sticking to a healthy exercise routine

2. Can be easily taught by UNITEHERE! members, who are not experts in medical terminology and intricate medical systems.

3. Be participatory and engaging for members who are likely to be tired by the time they come together in the evening to focus on managing their chronic conditions.

Over my next few posts I will cover some of the tools I used to hit these parameters and make topics like “Oral Health” if not FUN at least dynamic and interactive.