The Director's Cut

Building a powerful movement depends upon telling our stories—that’s why it’s critical for organizations working for social change to share their work in a fresh, vibrant, exciting way.

The UNITEHERE! HEALTH Better Living video shares the transformation that's happening in the lives of the union members I work with everyday.  It is a valuable tool to encourage other members to join. And now it’s being used by health organizations across the US and internationally!

Power of Story
One of the reasons the video tells such a great story is because it captures a holistic picture of the leaders featured.  As director, I collected hours of conversational footage with Barbara, Elizabeth, Mark and others to make sure that we honored their fears, their motivations, and their hopes.  That essence, that heartbeat, is still present, even when it couldn’t be included in the short final cut.

Leadership Development
Behind the scenes, creating this video strengthened my leadership team.  Intensive story collection is profoundly empowering.  Veteran leaders, and new people who are just getting involved, have the experience of seeing their stories lifted up, to recognize themselves as vital and important to the movement, and to know their example is guiding deep change and inspiring others to join.

The communities we work with are transforming!  Capture the story and make it the fuel for the wide-scale change we imagine!