PK Blends: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Community Health

Rob Scott, Founder and Owner of PK Blends 

Rob Scott, Founder and Owner of PK Blends 

I moved to the Hudson Valley last year, and that’s how I met Rob Scott, the owner of PK blends, a community juice bar in Peekskill, NY.  

Rob used to own a deli.  But when he started having terrible chronic headaches, a friend told him to stop eating meat and to start drinking green juice. When the headaches went away for good, Rob realized he was in the wrong business.  

He opened a juice bar in Peekskill in May of 2017. “Juicing changed my life, it changed my families life,” Rob told me,  “so I figured why not try to change someone else’s life. Our mission is to provide a healthy option for the community.”  

Rob grew up in Peekskill, which makes him a great healthy eating expert for the local community. His aspiration is to help shift the culture towards better self care.  

Rob’s entrepreneurial approach to community health is exciting because it empowers people with choice.  As Rob says, “People come in for the first time and order smoothies, which have bananas and sweet fruit. That’s a good starting place. But then I’ll tease them and encourage them to try a green juice.  And then they’ll move on to the next level, like wheatgrass and moringa shots!”  (Moringa is a new trending superfood, touted to be more potent than kale).  

Rob says, “My dream is that Peekskill be the healthiest city in Westchester. No more diabetes.  No more obesity.  People being more active.  And healthier families”  

I met lots of people hanging out in the store, but one person, Anthony, stuck with me.  He told me that his father died from diabetes, but not before losing his vision, and his legs.  Anthony doesn’t want them to happen to him.  But before PK blends came to the neighborhood, he’d never had green juice.  Now he comes in every day, is losing weight, and is committed to healthier eating.  

I directed this short video to help Rob share PK Blends on social media. We were lucky to capture some first-timers trying moringa shots!  Check it out, and visit Rob on Main Street if you are ever in Peekskill!

PK Blends First-Timers