Campaign: Communities Creating Opportunity, Kansas City

How might we make public actions more dynamic and compelling for community members, political targets, and local media?

Project Dates: April-June 2013

Services:  Advisory and Strategic Planning, Concept Development, Program Design, Partnership Development, Staff Coaching, Event Planning, Implementation, Facilitation, Communication and Fundraising Materials



Communities Creating Opportunity (CCO) in Kansas City needed to influence Senator Moran (KS) to support an immigration reform bill that would help thousands of families gain US citizenship.


Creative Strategy:

Create compelling community-made campaign art to enhance a public action calling on Senator Moran to support immigrant reform. 



  • Lead strategic partnership with CultureStrike's international artist-activist-intellectual Favianna Rodriguez to develop an "art party" workshop which involved 200 community residents and clergy in collaboratively turning the key narratives and symbols of CCO's Campaign for Citizenship into professional-grade art.
  • CCO used this art as the centerpiece of their public action with Senator Moran, a powerful dramatic statement to highlight the stories of families needing citizenship.  
sunflowers 3.1.jpg
“Kamara’s out-of-the-box approach helped us inform the concept and build important partnerships to launch our Arts and Organizing Initiative, positioning us to create art that crossed race, language and political boundaries to advance our Campaign for Citizenship message. She is a driven social benefit leader with a creative mind.”
— Eva Schulte, President | Communities Creating Opportunity