Grameen American and Whole Planet Foundation

How might we create a compelling fundraising campaign to share the impact Grameen America is making in the lives of women entrepreneurs, their families and communities?

Services:  Advisory and Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Communication and Media Design, Production.


Grameen America is one of the largest micro-finance institutions in the United States.  They fight poverty and transform communities in the United States by helping women build small businesses and create better lives for their families.  With the fiscal year drawing to a close, Grameen was preparing to develop fundraising materials to attract individual and institutional investors. Their fundraising and marketing teams needed a compelling storytelling campaign to share the powerful impact Grameen microloans are creating in the lives of women, their families, and their communities.  


Develop a series of real stories from women who have been transformed by their Grameen loan to inspire and motivate investors to continue and increase their annual giving to Grameen.


  • Design and facilitate a creative workshop with Grameen America's national marketing and development teams to co-create the campaign narrative, finding essential themes that mattered most to the story Grameen wanted to tell.  
  • Worked directly with one of Grameen's local branches to surface potential women whose stories could be featured in the campaign. 
  • Interview over 20 women to find the best story to feature in the short film.
  • Direct and produce the campaign, both video and photography assets. 
  • Results: a powerful storytelling campaign showing a diverse group of Grameen women who have been transformed not just by the loans they have received but also by the community they have found with each other in Grameen.  The creative assets developed in this campaign were utilized in direct fundraising appeals, Grameen's annual report, as well as web, social media and email.  
“Kamara’s ‘Heart of the Story’ workshop was an essential starting off point for our team. She helped us identify the central themes of our narrative and it was a great team bonding experience. The storytelling campaign Kamara produced will be an incredible asset as our organization looks to expand to new markets and reach new audiences and stakeholders. We needed to take our marketing to a new level and Kamara helped us to do that.

We appreciated her passion for our cause, attention to detail, flexibility, and superior storytelling abilities. The work she delivered was exceptional and we highly recommend her.”
— Megan Adams, Director of Communications and Marketing | Grameen America
“The process Kamara led our team through was very valuable. Together we were able to craft a thoughtful message and tone for our materials that really reflected our organizational values, goals and mission. Importantly, the workshop also created a platform for everyone on the team to contribute and feel heard. The process generated critical stakeholder buy-in and valuable employee engagement.

As a development director at a nonprofit, the catalog of marketing assets produced are incredibly helpful in conveying the meaningful impact donors are having on their communities and in the lives of individuals. I use them all the time!”
— Jill Monum, Director of Development | Grameen America