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Maria Morales

Grameen Entrepreneur, Boston

 After a bad divorce, I had terrible credit. I couldn’t get a personal loan, I couldn’t get a credit card. I couldn’t control where I was going, financially. I was stuck and extremely stressed.

My daughter got sick and I didn’t have health insurance. In the emergency department she was prescribed a medication that cost over $100 dollars. I couldn’t afford it.

I got denied for a car loan. I was depending on public transportation, taking 3 different buses or trains to get to appointments. I was losing time and money, stuck in this cycle.

With my Grameen loan, I started building my credit. First I got a $300 dollar loan, then a $700 dollar loan, then a $1,000 dollar loan. I built my credit and was able to get a car loan. Now I drive a 2013 Nissan. Every time I look at the car, I can’t believe I got it. With my car, I can build my business. And I have freedom. Time to be with my daughter, time to go to the beach.

Now I can afford piano lessons, dance lessons, and gymnastics for my 13 year old daughter. For a while, I couldn’t pay. But now with my business growing, she can go back to classes.

My dream is to have financial security.That means having a home and being able to provide for my daughter. I want her to go to college and have a career. I want to shape her into a responsible, productive citizen.

As a single mother, I feel empowered knowing that I have a safety-net with Grameen America. I know that I can use my loan to build my business; build more security for myself and my daughter. Now I’m seen by financial institutions as a woman who is doing the right thing, who can pay on time and be offered credit.

I wake up every morning grateful. I believe the possibilities are endless. I will keep moving up and I don’t want to stop. I am working to build my future.