Client: New Day Church, Bronx NYC

How might we leverage individual creativity and talent to develop new leaders and build a more powerful organization?

Project Dates: June 2015-September 2015

Services: Advisory, Executive Coaching, Concept and Curriculum Development, Toolkits, Event Planning, Workshop Facilitation



New Day is a young and vibrant church community with the mission of connecting with God, crossing boundaries, and confronting social injustice. The core pastoral team wanted to develop new leadership within the congregation in order to re-energize members and expand the reach of the church.



Increase leadership and collective ownership for New Day by:

1) Uncovering what members love to do and can contribute to the church.

2) Co-creating a shared vision of who New Day is as a congregation.

3) Formally inviting members into new leadership roles and new ministries based on their talent and passion.  


  • Work closely with New Day's pastoral team to design a leadership and organizational development curriculum, The Festival of Gifts and Dreams.  The series revolved around 3 major creative team building exercises:
  • Create a collectively-created Treasure Map to highlight and group members based on their talents and passions.
  • Build a Dream Mosaic to illustrate member's vision for New Day's growth.  
  • Create a Compost Pile to identify programs or other activities to sunset in order to build a more powerful organization. 
  • Coached the leadership team to achieve successful event turnout and developed a follow-up strategy to empower the leadership team to directly engage members to take on new opportunities and commit to deeper participation in building the mission.   

Click to learn how New Day members developed as leaders and as a congregation through this creative workshop series.

“Kamara led our team to imagine a “Gifts and Dreams Festival” and involved us in executing and owning the plan. The process we created really worked! Kamara’s gifts in community organizing and the arts are a tremendous combination. She both opened our imaginations and pushed us to work together to achieve concrete results. The transformation and energy that is now pulsing through our congregation is palpable. And Kamara has helped us to see how we can continue to harvest the fruit of this process. Thank you, Kamara!”
— Rev. Doug Cunningham, Pastor | New Day Church