Everyday Changemakers

Join me as I talk to social change practitioners about the journey of personal transformation and social transformation. Interviews include organizers, faith leaders, activists, non-profit founders, and social entrepreneurs, sharing how their personal journeys of growth and transformation inform their work to build our collective liberation and freedom. 

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Bonus: Click here for the Coming Home guide to help you think about the people you are committed to serve, the problems they face, and the resources you have to make change.

Bonus: Click here for the Midwife to Your Dreams guide.  The reflection tool supports you to bring your own vision to life.  

Bonus:  Click here for the Sources of Hope reflection guide. This exercise helps you summon your courage by tapping into the wisdom and power of your own life experiences and sacred texts.

Bonus: Click here for the Searching For Signs resource to create your own prayers and/or intentions to receive divine guidance.

Bonus: Click here for the Wounded Healer reflection guide. This tool helps you explore how the Wounded Healer archetype shows up in your life, now and in the future.  

Bonus: Click here for the creative 'Drop Your Nets' exercise (Matthew 4:18-22) to uncover the familiar, convenient patterns and routines that keep you from growing, and find ways to leave them behind.  

Bonus: Click here for the Facing Fear Guide to develop new beliefs that have the potential to change how you’re living your life today and in the future.

Bonus: Click here for Finding Your Prophetic Voice: A Guided Meditation.  This 20 minute meditation and reflection tool will support you to speak your prophetic truth to the world as it should be

Bonus: Click here for Know Thyself: A Weekly Reflection. This in-depth guide helps you to discover your own needs and take action to support yourself, in relationship with the people in your life, both personal and professional.