PowerBlocks:  A Community Resilience Platform

How might we increase New York City's resilience to climate change disasters?

Project Dates: August-Oct 2015

Skills: Ethnographic Research and UX Design, Facilitation, Concept Design, Prototyping


Opportunity for Design:

Disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy in NYC, are "apocalyptic" experiences for local residents, creating electrical failures, transportation barriers, food shortages, communication breakdowns, and overwhelming feelings of isolation and fear.  In these circumstances, government structures are too big to respond to all needs and unable to successfully leverage community volunteerism.  



Use fun, creativity and adventure to motivate local communities to prepare for disasters, leveraging and strengthening social systems to better respond to immediate needs and creating non-government channels to support volunteerism.



  • Lead a design team to prototype PowerBlocks, an online leadership development platform that empowers local communities to prepare for disasters with fun and creative skill-building events. This strengthened social fabric is the foundation for communities to act quickly in the face of a crisis, and recover and rebuild more quickly in the aftermath.    

Check out the PowerBlocks Storyboard here.