From Episode 9: On Coming Home, Solidarity and Shared Fate with Art Reyes. Use this guide to identify your people, the problems they face, and the possibilities for action.

From Episode 7: On Courage, Sources of Hope, and Practicing Leadership with Dr. Marshall Ganz. This reflection guide supports you to find new hope and possibility from your own experience and sacred texts.

From Episode 6: On Searching For Signs and Imagining New Worlds Together with Pastor Lisa Asedillo Pratt. This is a one week prayer and/or intention setting practice to support you in receiving divine guidance.

From Episode 5: On Healing, Self-Care and Resilience with Elisha Fernandes Simpson.  This guide helps you explore how the Wounded Healer archetype shows up in your life, past and future.

From Episode 3: On Facing Fear, Finding New Beliefs, and Making Change with Joy Friedman. This guided exercise will help you discover the beliefs that have been stopping you from positive action.

From Episode 8: On Giving Birth to a Big Vision and Midwifing the Leadership Journey with Kristee Paschall. This guide helps you to bring your own vision to life.

From Episode 5: On Healing, Self-Care and Resilience with Elisha Fernandes Simpson.  A 4-5 minute guided breathing exercise.  

From Episode 4: On Beloved Community, Letting Go to Grow and Protecting Joy with Rev. Rashad Moore. This creative exercise helps you to see where you are holding nets that keep you trapped.

From Episode 1: On Trauma, The Path to Wholeness, and Collective Power with Sarah Silva. This in-depth guide helps you to discover your own needs and take action to support yourself.

From Episode 2: On Saying YES To Yourself, Your Creative Voice, and Your Community with Rev. Micah Bucey. This 20 minute guided meditation supports you to bring your creative truth to the world as it is.